office (e.g)

At Office for Example, we are interested in making stuff, reading stuff, and drawing stuff. Through these mediums, we propose examples of possible architectures.

Office for Example is led by Liz Gálvez, a Mexican-American Architectural Designer and the 2018-19 William Muschenheim Fellow at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College. Since 2016, Liz has taught at the Boston Architectural College and has served as a critic on reviews at MIT, the BAC, Taubman College, RISD, and the Harvard GSD. Previously, she was a Teaching Assistant to foundational architecture studios at MIT. She has formerly practiced with Merge Architects, NADAAA, Will Bruder Architects, and Rojkind Arquitectos. In 2018, Liz founded Office for Example (e.g.), a practice interested in examples of possible architectures.

 Liz received her Master of Architecture with a concentration in History Theory and Criticism from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Planning, where she was awarded the Department of Architecture Graduate Fellowship. After completion of her graduate coursework, she studied in Austria as the recipient of the Seebacher Prize for the Fine Arts under sponsorship of the American Austrian Foundation. Her graduate thesis, Life Under the Desert Sun: Dust Storms, Steam Baths and Outhouses for the Unencumbered Desert Dweller, engages questions of housing typology, collectivity, lifestyle, and domesticity in the American Southwest. Liz’s research focuses on American Housing models, with an emphasis on questions of lifestyle and culture.